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The ancient remedy of soap in bed, the secret to sleep well


How to eliminate night cramps and pains with… a bar of soap in the bed? Here’s how to take advantage of its anti-inflammatory properties thanks to heat (according to ancient wisdom).

After a day of standing or high-heeled work, you can’t wait to go to bed and lie down. Generally when you are very tired you feel muscle aches, exhaustion and swelling . Thanks to the old grandmother’s method of soap in the bed, you will be able to relieve most of these annoyances during rest. Of course, this is not a medical remedy, but it certainly helps to get better (trying doesn’t hurt!).

If you have serious leg problems, arthritis or muscle aches, however, always consult a doctor . The remedy of soap in the bed is a valid supplement or prevention method to sleep better and wake up more relaxed: let’s see what it is and what benefits it brings!


Soap under the sheets: benefits

Those who suffer from leg cramps during the night very often wake up during rest with a throbbing pain. The cramp usually affects the calf area and a strong jolt is felt, accompanied by strong heat and tension. Generally the causes are due to a lack of potassium, calcium and vitamins. It is therefore advisable to check the blood values ​​with your doctor.

Putting a bar of soap in the bed has proved very useful as the essential oils contained in it would be absorbed during the night. It is therefore advisable to choose those rich in anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties, such as lavender, tea tree oil or Marseille soap .

Alternatively, you can put some soap flakes inside the cotton handkerchief and add drops of essential oil to enhance the anti inflammatory effect .

The soap for cramps: 4 grandmother’s remedies

-One of the classic grandmother’s remedies to prevent cramps and be able to sleep better is Marseille soap . This soap has renowned therapeutic properties, including anti-inflammatory. We recommend wrapping a bar of Marseille soap in a cotton handkerchief and placing it at the foot of the bed . The heat of the body and of the blankets will favor the release of the potassium chloride ions present inside which will be slowly absorbed by the skin.

– To say the least, the benefits of lavender soap are extraordinary. Lavender essential oil has been used by women for centuries as an ancient remedy for physical ailments such as menstrual pain and cystitis. Furthermore, it is very useful in case of insomnia , as it can promote natural night rest. Also great for treating skin and headaches.

– Also try the tea tree oil soap, powerful natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. This remedy is also effective when you have problems with poor circulation caused by a buildup of fluids and a poor diet. After too much time standing or sitting, the risk is to have swollen legs and ankles .

-Finally, try the soaps with nettle or sage to relieve tension and stress .

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