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There is a new to cure this disease coming from the United States: it is the antidepressant nasal spray. Here’s how it works!

The antidepressant nasal spray is a psychiatric news. It would allow patients to avoid pills to fight this disease. United States experts developed it. It contains esketamine.

The Food and Drug Administration, which regulates medicines, approved this spray for adults who already tried other drugs without positive outcomes. However, there are also many side effects. Let’s find out everything about this news.

Everything about the antidepressant nasal spray!

The side effects of this product can be many, such as sedation, dissociation, abuse or misuse. For these reasons, the spray will be given only on certain conditions.

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Experts highlighted that since this disease was becoming drug-resistant, patients needed a new way to cure depression. However, they also are afraid of a misuse of this new product. For this reason, it will be available only in specialized clinics and will be administered only by doctors.

Moreover, only patients who already underwent two antidepressant therapies with no positive results can use it. People can use it on their own, under their doctor supervision. However, after taking it, the patient cannot drive nor use working tools for the rest of the day.

This antidepressant nasal spray is a very important news in psychotherapy, because it can quickly improve the patient’s mood. Moreover, it is also useful for suicidal people. This product can be the right cure for this disease, which soon we will be able to diagnose with a simple blood test.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/photos/umano-donna-adulto-ritratto-a-3269822/

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