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The banana diet: how to lose weight in an easy way!

The banana diet: how to lose weight in an easy way!

The banana diet lets you lose up to three kilos in just one week. How does it work?

There’s a new food regime that will help us losing up to three kilos in just one week. What is it? It’s the new banana diet, easy to follow, without too many sacrifices.

Spring is here and the bikini test is coming. For this reason, it is fundamental to get back to our wellness and physical shape for summer. Here’s how to follow this new diet and the secret to quickly lose weight in an easy way!

Banana diet: how does it work, and which are the 7 basic rules?

This food regime helps us to lose weight in an easy way. It is possible thanks to 6 basic rules and a fundamental one: eating one or more bananas for breakfast, together with a glass of water.

This diet was created by the Japanese pharmacist Sumiko Watanabe, whose husband lost 16 kilos without too many sacrifices.

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This food regime is also known as The Morning Banana Diet. There are 7 basic rules. The first one is to have breakfast always before 8 in the morning with a banana and a glass of water.

For your afternoon snack, which has to be eaten around 4 p.m., you should eat another banana. You cannot eat sweets or products rich in sugars. Moreover, you cannot go to sleep after midnight, in order to let your metabolism work properly.

Finally, you cannot drink soft or alcoholic drinks and you need to have dinner between 6 and 8 p.m. The last rule concerns workouts. You do not need to overdo, just a daily outdoor walk is enough, if it does not cause stress. The rest of the diet is quite free, but you need to eat healthy food!

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