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The benefits and contraindications of the mandrake, the magical plant

Anthropomorphic mandrake

A plant considered magical and used in many potions of the ancient mythologist: we discover all the benefits of mandrake.

When we talk about the mandrake, we are talking about an anthropomorphic plant : the particular bifurcation of its roots gives them a shape, usually visible in spring, which can vaguely remember the silhouette of a human being . Mandragora was one of the main ingredients of many mythological or legendary potions . In the Middle Ages, magical qualities were attributed to this plant. Indeed, a legend claimed that, once collected, it emitted a lethal cry for men.

Although these are legends, and although it is not really a magical plant, the mandrake has several beneficial properties : let’s discover them.

The properties of the mandrake

This plant, belonging to the Solanaceae class, can bring various benefits to those who use it. First, it is an excellent sedative or narcotic . Its effects, in addition to reconciling sleep (an action also performed by mandarin essential oil ), will have an analgesic action . They will decrease pain, whatever it is.

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The legend attributed to the plant of aphrodisiac powers: apparently, it would be able to increase sexual desire and pleasure, even going so far as to act against sterility .

All these effects, once considered magical, today have been attributed to various active ingredients that are also used in the realization of some drugs .

Not only benefits: attention to the mandrake

Using mandrake can certainly bring benefits, but care must be taken. It is important to take it only after consulting a doctor and avoid do-it-yourself alternatives more completely: always turn to what is on the market.

In fact, despite its benefits, this plant has numerous side effects, often serious. There is no need to be frightened: following the advice of a doctor , avoiding to make your own mind, and consuming it in limited quantities you will be safe.

The side effects are similar to those of the other Solanaceae. Abuse of mandrake can lead to hallucinations, seizures or memory loss. In excessive doses it proves toxic .

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