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The benefits of collagen for the elderly: what are they?

older collagen

Collagen is one of the most important proteins in the human body: unfortunately, as we age, its natural production in the body decreases.

This phenomenon begins earlier than we think, already after the age of 20, but obviously it becomes more and more acute in older people .

You should know that collagen is essential not only for skin and hair , but also for cartilage and bones . It is even indispensable for the health of the gut , as a deficiency causes the so-called leaky gut syndrome – with a consequent lowering of the barriers against viruses and bacteria.

In fact, the elderly experience problems such as sagging skin, the appearance of wrinkles , loss of hair and bone density, as well as a decline in the immune system . All this also depends on a lower production of collagen. This is why we recommend taking a good hydrolyzed collagen supplement , such as Premium Collagen Complex , which can really make a difference when normal aging processes begin.

Perfect Body Premium Collagen Complex, being in hydrolyzed form , guarantees 90% absorption. The 4 main types of collagen are included, namely I, III, V and X, while heavy metals, dyes, added sugars and harmful additives are completely absent.

older collagen

Collagen for the skin

The dermis, especially from middle age, is characterized by a reduction in elasticity : this happens precisely due to a decrease in the production of some proteins, such as elastin and collagen.

The skin becomes thinner and more fragile, and is more prone to the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging. The cheeks become “sagging”, the tissues are less toned, the face as a whole appears tired and dull.

The remedy is a collagen supplement like the one we mentioned earlier, the Premium Collagen Complex. Hydrolyzed supplements are authentic anti-aging solutions , which we suggest to all elderly people who want to provide for their own well-being.

The benefits extend from the skin to the scalp. From a certain stage of life, hair inevitably thins and falls out: but it can find a renewed shine thanks to collagen.

Collagen for bones and muscles

In the elderly, problems related to bones and muscles are quite frequent. The latter, for example, lose their tone even if you practice physical activity: of course, sport is essential, but you also need the support of a quality supplement.

Hydrolyzed collagen, during old age, ensures a significant strengthening of muscle mass . Those who hire it have the opportunity to take walks without getting tired, to lift weights, to indulge in hobbies and passions in total tranquility.

Also, according to the most recent studies, collagen supplements are ideal for improving bone density . Year after year the porosity of the bones increases, or in other words the bone mineral component is reduced and the structure of the apparatus weakens.

The skeletal system can be helped, once again, with a collagen supplement. This is another positive side that should not be overlooked, also because this protein is essential for the prevention of osteoporosis .

A collagen supplement as a source of well-being for the intestine

As we have already highlighted, collagen is the basis of the optimal conditions of the intestine. A decrease in its production can lead to leaky gut syndrome , which results in “contact” between many dangerous substances and our bloodstream. Viruses, bacteria and fungi enter the circulation; without forgetting ailments such as abdominal swelling, bloating, belly pains and so on.

Rebalancing the intestinal flora is always important, and even more so in old age. People of a certain age need to be protected from viral and bacterial pathologies, and one of the ways to do this is to defend the health of the gut . For this purpose, considerable support comes from hydrolyzed collagen, a real panacea for the immune system .

Collagen improves the quality of life

In light of what we have said so far, you will have understood that collagen is rich in benefits for the elderly .

Collagen attenuates the signs of aging, and is recommended for wrinkles and hair loss, weakening of bones and muscles. Of course, from the advantages that concern the physical we pass to those that affect the psyche , since those who are well in the body are happier, more serene and energetic.

Those who choose a supplement like Premium Collagen Complex experience an increase in vitality, greater freedom of movement and a better quality of life . What matters is a regular administration of the product, to obtain an excellent result already after the first few weeks.

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