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The benefits of the sauna for body and spirit


There is an intimate and timeless gesture, capable of offering immediate benefits to both body and spirit: we are talking about the immersion in relaxation that the sauna can offer.

Many have become familiar with this special piece of time, perfect for recharging the batteries: a quick escape from the daily routine, too often made of stress and noise. The term sauna generally refers to all those treatments that, in a closed environment, allow the body to reap the benefits offered by high temperatures. We must also distinguish between the Finnish sauna – which exposes to dry heat in a cabin made of wood – and the Turkish bath, which instead takes place in damp conditions and takes advantage of the benefits of the diffusion of steam.

In any case, that of the sauna has become an indispensable safeguard for well-being and a pampering which you also go looking for during your holidays.

More beautiful skin and muscle pains goodbye

Far from home, in fact, the beneficial effects of the sauna are amplified: a ‘double escape’ is staged, perfect for stimulating introspective moments and reflection on the self. There are many advantages to periodically devoting yourself to this ancient practice and primarily concern the skin , which comes out of the sauna clean and hydrated as well as more elastic: the pores dilate, toxins and dead cells are expelled.

The benefits are undoubtedly also for the circulation , since heat has an important vasodilator effect. The result? The pressure is lowered and regulated, with benefits for the musculoskeletal system (a cure-all especially for people suffering from arthritis). The advice, once the heat session is over, is to take a nice ice shower: a thermal shock that will keep the cardiovascular system more active.

The sauna is a real life philosophy , which also has an anti-aging effect: it helps improve physical tone and get rid of free radicals.


The mind is freed and the immune system is strengthened

We talked about the benefits for the body and soul, in fact, relaxation and sweating not only serve to eliminate pain and toxins but also to drive away the anxiety states. The stress, with which we constantly find ourselves living together, loosens our grip and the result is that even sleep improves: we can therefore also face the days with a completely different spirit.

Without forgetting that the relaxation connected to the sauna treatment helps the release of endorphins , for a sensation of widespread pleasure that runs through the whole body. Another important aspect, strictly connected to the Finnish sauna, concerns the strengthening of the immune system.

This is because the typical high temperatures of the treatment are perfect for eliminating bacteria, the cause of various infections. Above all, the sauna helps the body to calibrate its temperature and has an effect on the thermoregulation systems, avoiding the onset of fever . Thanks to the increase in heart rate, the body burns more calories, which also leads to weight loss (a session in the sauna is equivalent to a sustained walk of about an hour).

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