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The best clothing for training at home

Training clothing

Thanks to the quarantine period, the number of people who practice sports at home is inevitably increased and with it the need to have the right equipment to be able to train at best.

It does not matter so much where the sport is practiced, as the how and here the importance of having the correct clothing comes into play, which guarantees maximum comfort and does not hinder the movements. Here are some ideas for sports enthusiasts and beginners at home.

Tips for choosing the most suitable outfit

Home-made physical activity requires some precautions in clothing like the one done in the gym. If it is true that your partner and family members see us at home, it is equally true that feeling good when doing sports is important in every place.

Feeling beautiful and above all comfortable is also an essential requirement for home fitness clothing. So too tight clothes that restrict movement are banned. For the top part, tank tops and t-shirts of natural fabrics such as cotton or technical materials are preferable, designed not to leave the abdomen and back wet.

A pair of leggings are perfect for pilates and yoga , but sweatpants are also fine. Shoes are essential and must be chosen based on the physical activity practiced. For example, for aerobic and cardio exercises the most suitable gym shoes are light and cushioned.

There are many online stores where you can find a wide selection of sports shoes and sneakers for every need , suitable for walking, jogging or indoor fitness. One last thing: a respectable sporty look cannot be said to be complete without an adequate underwear, which includes a sports bra, therefore with wide straps, made of cotton or technical material, comfortable briefs and a pair of breathable cotton socks.

Training at home
Training at home

The looks from which to take inspiration

Top models and influencers are pioneers of home fitness and through their Instagram profiles we can take a cue for our sporty looks. For example, the models Jasmine Tookes and Josephine Skriver share the Instagram account Joja , where they post the exercises that make home giving us the opportunity to peek at the sports outfits they wear.

One of the most common is the combination of sports bra and leggings, perfect for activities such as gymnastics and yoga. You need a sculptural physique to exhibit this look in the gym , but within the home it is within everyone’s reach. The cotton jumpsuit is an outfit worn by Bella Hadid but also by Chiara Ferragni, it is comfortable to spend the days on the sofa but also for some gymnastic exercises, like a nice walk on the treadmill , if you have it.

A variant of the cotton tracksuit is obtained by combining a pair of acetate tracksuit pants with a t-shirt, as the American model Sofia Richie did. Tank top and shorts, or cyclist model shorts, are perfect for more intense workouts .

You will see that providing yourself with the right outift to practice physical activity within the home will give you many satisfactions and will encourage you to train with renewed enthusiasm.

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