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The best natural remedies against stomach cramps

The best natural remedies against stomach cramps

You can get rid of abdominal pains, also called stomach cramps, with some natural remedies. Find out the best ones!

When your pain is localized on the upper part of your abdomen, it’s not stomachache but strong stomach cramps. They are annoying, sudden stabbing pains which usually don’t last long. Their causes are many: they can be due to intolerances, food poisoning, irritable colon syndrome, kidney stones, appendicitis and much more.

The most common cause is stress: intestine is very sensitive, because it is near the nerve centers of the solar plexus. In order to get rid of stomach cramps, we can resort to some natural remedies. Let’s find out the best ones!

Stomach cramps remedies

Ginger. It is perfect to alleviate nausea and to fight constipation. A ginger herbal tea can help you feel better in a very short time.

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Lavender. Its essential oil helps relieving your body and your mind from stress. In this way, your cramps will disappear and you will feel immediately better.

Mint. If you suffer from gastrointestinal gas, mint herbal teas are an excellent natural remedy.

Aloe juice. Everyone knows aloe vera has many properties, among which there is soothing abdominal pains. As soon as you start feeling stomach cramps, drink some aloe juice and you will feel immediately better.

Apple cider vinegar. This product is perfect to fight digestive problems. If you suffer from bloating other than stomach cramps, you can take a very small amount of apple cider vinegar, in order to relieve the problem while avoiding gastritis or a burning feeling.

Chamomile. This plant is rich in beneficial properties for our mind and body. That is why it can help soothing your pain!

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Stomach cramps: causes

There are different types of cramps. These pains can be caused by anxiety, congestions, gastritis, indigestion. However, other more serious illnesses can cause them, such as kidney stones, gastric ulcer, gastroesophagus reflux, pyloric stenosis and more.

Our advice is to see a doctor if the pains become frequent and chronic. Do not underestimate this problem even if it is strong but sporadic.

Abdominal pains: associated symptoms

Together with cramps, you may experiences other symptoms. Let’s find out which they are and what to do.

  • Stomach cramps and diarrea: probably you have stomach flu. It can last a week or more.
  • Abdominal pains after you eat: if you experience these pains at the end of every meal, maybe you’ve eaten too fast, the temperature has suddenly changed while you’re digesting or you are suffering from anxiety and stress. Moreover, you can have an intollerance, your appendicitis can be inflamed or you can be constipated!
  • Stomach cramps and nausea: also in this case you can have digestive problems. Pay attention to possible gastritis, gastrointestinal infections or ulcers.
  • Abdominal pains during pregnancy: if you suffer from cramps while you’re pregnant, the causes can be many. During the 9 months, the body undergoes several changes. You can more easily suffer of gastrointestinal reflux, your digestion slows down and you need to take care of your diet. Always see your doctor if the pains are not sporadic nor bearable, if you have fever or you throw up.

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