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The best natural remedies against stress, from lemon balm to chamomile

The best natural remedies against stress, from lemon balm to chamomile

Natural remedies against stress can provide an immediate relief also against anxiety. Let’s find out how!

Nowadays, people are always stressed. Stress can lead to anxiety, depression, hypertension and even type 2 diabetes. However, before entering a pharmacy and buying all the medicines they have, try and use some natural remedies against it. As a result, you will decrease your anxiety and calm down, in a perfectly natural way.

Science also approves these old methods and has been studying their effectiveness for years. Actually, there are historical and cultural evidences indicating how herbal medicine is common to  all the cultures of the world: from the Greeks to the Romans, to the Celts, and of course in China and India.

Why not to use a medication? Is it not faster? Yes, it is: medicines act fast and have soothing effects. However, they are temporary and may also occur complications.

Moreover, natural remedies are cheap, safe and easy to find. They have fewer side effects than over-the-counter medications.


5 natural remedies against stress

Below, there is a list of grandma’s old remedies to relax.

Lemon balm

Researchers has shown that lemon balm has a positive effect in relieving stress, anxiety and other mood disorders. According to studies, a dose of 600mg of lemon balm every day for a week improves your mood and increases calmness and promptness.

Make a lemon balm herbal tea: you will feel calm and mental relaxed in just a few minutes.


Theanine comes from green tea. It has become a well-known and powerful anti-stress. According to researchers, theanine is readily absorbed and easily crosses the blood-brain barrier, allowing it to reach the brain cells.

It is said that theanine can support the health of the brain, promoting calm and enhancing cognitive functions.


Believe it or not, the smell of lavender can promote relief from anxiety and stress. Mix 5 drops of lavender essential oil before entering the bathtub and spray a few drops of it in the air when you are feeling under stress.


The benefits of chamomile are so many. If you feel nervous, this “miraculous” herb will help relaxing your muscles, calming your nerves, reducing anxiety and fighting insomnia. It also improves  digestion and reduces headaches.

The easiest way to consume chamomile is, of course, in the form of herbal tea.


Exercising for about 30 minutes every day can have huge positive effects on your mental health, in the fight against stress. It will also help you reducing the feelings of anxiety and depression. Then, the next time you feel stressed out, wear your tracksuit and sneakers and go get yourself a nice 30 minutes walk. When you finish, you will feel calm and cool.

These natural remedies against stress are safe and suitable for the vast majority of people. When you feel agitated or nervous, sit down and take time for yourself and enjoy these fantastic remedies against stress.



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