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The best natural remedies to treat colds


How to get rid of a cold: do it yourself natural remedies to deal with the symptoms of the disease and get back in shape immediately.

With the return of the cold seasons , alas, cooling diseases also return, including colds. We all know the symptoms very well: we start from a banal sneeze, up to sore throat, stuffy nose, headache and breathing difficulties . But there are effective ways to combat these problems in a healthy and natural way .

Let’s see now the best remedies for colds and how to cure them during pregnancy!

How to cure colds: effective natural remedies

Are you ready to find out how to fight colds? The quick and natural remedies that we will give you will be super effective and in no time! Let’s see them immediately one and one and say goodbye to sore throat and stuffy nose!

Pills for colds . Let’s start with the classic grandmother’s remedy: suffixes with baking soda. The latter has a purifying effect on the liberating pathways and all you need to do is have a large pot with boiling water and dissolve a spoon inside it. At this point put a towel on your head and breathe the vapors!

Stay warm and drink lots of water . It may seem trivial, but the first way to not make your condition worse is to stay warm, protect yourself from drafts and currents and … drink lots of water ! So avoid going out and resting, well covered, and with a bottle of water at hand.


Ginger and lemon herbal teas . Prepare hot herbal teas with ginger and lemon. The first is the bearer of many antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties , while lemon contains large quantities of Vitamin C. In short, an excellent mix to fight your cold!

Honey. Honey is also an excellent sedative for cough and sore throat, two of the most common cold symptoms. You can dissolve it in a hot glass of milk or add it to your herbal teas.

Herbal balm to massage the chest . Another thing you can do is sprinkle the chest with a herbal balm, perfect for clearing the respiratory tract. Apply two fingers in the evening on the chest and massage well before falling asleep.

How to heal from colds in pregnancy?

If you asked yourself this question, you are in the right place. Yes, because treating colds in pregnancy can be more complicated precisely in light of the fact that it is not possible to take medicines. For this, apply the above advice and you will see that in a short time the symptoms of your cold will subside !

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