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The best remedies for flu. Here are the simplest and most natural ones to put into practice

woman with flu

The remedies for flu are many and varied. Let’s find out which are the easiest to put into practice among the natural ones to get relief as soon as possible.

With the arrival of the autumn season, the risk of encountering flu syndromes is always greater. For this reason it is very important to take care of yourself in order to prevent possible colds as much as possible. What to do, however, if in spite of everything you still find yourself getting sick? Fortunately, there are several flu remedies, some of which are natural and really simple to put into practice.

How to recognize the arrival of the flu to catch it in time

The first thing to do when it comes to influenza is to learn to recognize it immediately in order to be able to act when it is still in its infancy.

woman with flu
woman with flu

In this way, in fact, even the simplest remedy can be useful for lowering fever and relieving symptoms . Typically, the flu syndrome always presents itself the same way and with symptoms ranging from colds to headaches and sore throats. Sometimes, when it is already in progress, you also have a fever.

To take care of yourself properly it is important to stay warm and rest and try to keep yourself constantly well hydrated. The rest will be up to natural remedies or, if not enough, to antivirals that will be prescribed by the doctor .

Natural remedies for the flu: here are the simplest ones to put into practice

Going to the natural remedies to fight the flu, there are several decoctions and herbal teas which, if based on the right ingredients, can give some relief. A herbal tea based on ginger and honey, in fact, helps to soothe sore throats, disinfecting the oral cavity and bringing a sense of general relief. Echinacea is also very useful for reducing flu symptoms.

To them you can then add gargle with salt water or bicarbonate to disinfect the throat and nasal irrigations, useful for cleaning the nose from viruses and bacteria. Many small remedies that put together can help the body recover faster and counter the first flu symptoms in the right way, while giving some relief.

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