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The best tools for training at home

Train at home

The latest events have profoundly changed our lifestyle, forcing us to re-evaluate the home environment.

At the moment we have to reconsider some of the activities that we practiced outside or at specialized centers, especially regarding sport and training.

If until yesterday we used to get rid of machines such as the exercise bike and the step, today to keep fit it is important to have equipment that helps in physical activity. Here are some of the best tools for training at home , practical solutions for every need.

Vibrating platform

For fitness enthusiasts one of the most interesting devices is the vibrating platform , of which a detailed purchase guide is available on the website. It is a tool that allows you to put different muscles into operation, with a focus on the legs, buttocks and calves.

The machine is composed of a support with a vibration system, capable of providing frequencies from 10 to 60 Hz . Depending on the position of the body it is possible to work on some specific areas, increasing the effort on the muscle groups according to your needs.

This tool is useful for firming workouts and cardio activities . In addition, some models offer supports and accessories such as elastics and bands, in this way it is possible to take advantage of a greater number of exercises that can be performed.

Multipurpose bench

One of the best tools for home training is undoubtedly the multipurpose bench , a real must for muscle strengthening. Some structures are specific for chest or abdominal training, however the most versatile choice is certainly the complete bench.

In this way it is possible to carry out many types of exercises , just having an adequate set of dumbbells and weights, as well as obviously enough space. The main disadvantage is in fact the size, as even the folding models still require a fairly large room.

The multipurpose bench is suitable for different types of workouts at home, offering the possibility of working with free body or with weights . In the latter case, it is also advisable to purchase a reinforced mat, to repair the floor from any accidental bumps and falls.

Train at home
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Pull-up bar

One of the most common problems when exercising at home is the difficulty in exercising certain muscle groups, especially the back. The solution is to buy a pull-up bar , with different models that can be fixed in the door or on the wall, just make sure that the supports are adequate for the weight to be supported.

The bar is a fundamental tool for bodyweight workouts , the main aid for disciplines such as calisthenics, which is increasingly fashionable today. Obviously it is suitable for trained people, as the pull-ups at the bar require a certain muscle strength.

At the same time the exercises that can be performed are really numerous, to work the back, arms, shoulders and even the abs. The only flaw is the need for wall mounting , an option not suitable for all homes and rather unsightly.

Stepper with dumbbells

Returning to fitness, an excellent tool for exercising at home is the stepper with dumbbells , consisting of a mobile platform and two arm supports which are also flexible. This machine does not take up much space, in fact it is possible to fold it up after use and put it away once the activity is finished.

The combination of the two systems allows you to work on the whole body , while by adjusting the intensity of the platform you can adapt the effort to your physical level, for more or less intense exercises according to your needs.

The dumbbell stepper does not require any maintenance, is not very bulky and is easy to use , making it suitable for any person. With this tool you can practice a truly effective cardio workout, to keep fit and burn excess calories.

The water rowing machine

A lesser known tool is the water rowing machine , able to replicate the natural movement of the rowing in an optimal way, with a more realistic feeling than the classic rowing machine. In this case there is a container with water inside, with blades that rotate offering a more or less high resistance.

With these models it is possible to perform intense work on the upper body , while some machines are also equipped with a digital display, from which to monitor the calories burned and adjust the level of effort.

There is no shortage of solutions for training at home , as you can see, in fact, with an overall low cost it is possible to set up a mini-gym at home, to stay in shape even without leaving your home.

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