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The best vegetal alternatives to butter

The best vegetal alternatives to butter

More and more people choose to use vegetal butter for their recipes. Here is a list of the products you can use to replace classic butter!

There are a lot of types of vegetal butter that are commonly used, especially by vegans or vegetarians. Other people, instead, prefers to have a vegetal alternative to classic butter, because they consider it healthier. Other than olive oil, which are the products that can replace butter?

Butter alternatives

Margarine is one of the most used products, thanks to its cheap prices. However, in the years it has been found out that it is not that healthy. This product does not exist naturally, but it is produced by mixing different types of oils, to which sometimes producers add animal fats. Moreover, the production process creates trans fats, that are the main responsible of the increase of bad cholesterol levels.

Then, how to replace butter? There are many different vegetal alternatives, according to the customer’s taste. There are a lot of foods that do not have animal origins and are perfect to make sweet and savory recipes. For example, the butter coming from refined oils, such as rice or sunflower oil or cocoa butter.

Vegetal butter: seed creams

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Dried fruits can give some amazing alternatives to cow’s milk butter. Almond and hazelnut creams are very good to prepare bakery products and desserts. Instead, peanut, sesame and cashew ones are perfect for you savory recipes.

Each one of these alternatives has its own specific taste, therefore it is better to try them before, in order to understand which is the one you like the most. You can either prepare them at home or buy these creams in specialized organic shops.

Avocado pulp

Have you ever noticed how buttery the avocado pulp is? Its texture is perfect to prepare thousands of recipes. For example, you can spread it on your toast, for a tasty and vegan breakfast. In order to keep its properties and benefits unaltered, it is better to use fresh avocados without blending it.

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