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The black rice cream will make your skin look perfect!

The black rice cream will make your skin look perfect!

This is the new must have beauty product, because it makes your skin radiant and your hands velvety!

There is a new beauty ally we absolutely need to add to our beauty routine. We are talking about the black rice cream: with this product, we can always have perfect, soft and velvety hands!

We usually moisturize our hand skin only when it’s cold, in winter, and our skin starts cracking. This is a bad habit: we should take care of our hands in every season, and now we can with this amazing cream. Let’s find out all its benefits and properties!

The black rice cream makes your hands beautiful!

We already know that many beauty trends come from the East, and obviously this one does too. This new products comes from Korea and is part of a new superfood line of the famous brand HaruHaru Wonder.

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How does this cream work? It uses the antioxidant properties of the Venere black rice, that can deeply nourish dry, fragile and dehydrated skin. There are three different lines of cream, in order to satisfy the needs of different types of skin.

The first one is dedicated to people with very dry hand skin. The second product is tailor-made for people who do not like their hands to be oily after they have applied the cream. Finally, there is a serum, an actual anti-age booster.

Of the same line, you can also find a face oil, peeling, mist and tone: in this way, you will look radiant! That’s not all: these products are completely vegan, eco-friendly and cruelty-free. You can add all of them to your normal beauty routine and to your daily skincare products.

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