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The Bolivian diet helps us living a healthy life!

The Bolivian diet helps us living a healthy life!

The diet of the Bolivian people is perfect to prevent diseases like infarctions and strokes, because it keeps cholesterol under control an makes us live longer and healthier!

According to a recent study, the Bolivian diet is perfect to keep cholesterol under control. In this way, it is possible to protect our heart and fight the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

This food regime can also fight infarctions and strokes and much more. It is also ideal for people suffering from diabetes and helps us lose weight and get back in shape. Let’s find out how it works!

How does the Bolivian diet work?

The research on the Bolivian diet was published on the scientific journal The Lancet. In this Country, people mostly live in villages, far away from supermarkets and places where you can buy junk food. For this reason, they are forced to eat high quality and local products.

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This diet is poor in meat and fish, but it is rich in vegetables, fruits and fibers. Bolivians eat a lot of rice and corn, which are the typical products of the Country. According to the research, this people has the healthiest cardiovascular situation of the world, thanks to their diet. Moreover, Bolivians live in a place far from smog and pollution, which influences their wellness.

The research involved a group of 705 people. Experts were looking for artery calcifications. The patients who were about 45 years old did not have them. Even for older people, the results were still very good.

This is the reason why we suggest you to follow this healthy food regime. Of course, before starting any diet, you should ask your doctor advice.

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