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The care of blonde hair and the fight against quarantine regrowth


Quarantined days are long and tiring, sometimes they never seem to pass.

There is an element that unites them all: they always start in the mirror, in front of which we ask ourselves about our state of form, before inevitably passing our gaze on the hair. The care of the canopy is finished in the background, we are experiencing a particular historical phase: in these weeks of joint commitment we are called to limit routine activities and movements to the maximum. Time passes between smart working, home care and family needs.

Meanwhile, on time, the hated regrowth appears (and expands every day more). A nice nuisance, especially if it is white hair: a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable and untidy, with a scruffy appearance. For a woman, accustomed to a beauty routine made up of sessions by the beautician and appointments at the hairdresser, it is not easy to face this phase. Blond hair, by definition very fine, is in particular under stress: in fact, they are severely tested by quarantine and run a greater risk of breaking.

The contrast of colors can have a strong impact

Blond hair is identified as an undisputed symbol of femininity and sensuality, but needs extra maintenance. There are some tricks to keep them always silky and shiny, above all it is necessary to choose ad hoc treatments that can not weigh them down and that use moisturizing active ingredients. It is the latter that prevent the formation of the opaque patina typical of stressed and unprotected hair. As for regrowth, this for blond hair can be decidedly impactful.

It will be useful to make a distinction according to the color: in the case of dark regrowth on a light crown, the effect will be all in all pleasant (especially if the difference is few tones), while if the hair color is darker than the original one that regrow the effect could be disruptive. It will be useful to follow the advice of specialists such as Schwarzkopf, to take better care of blonde hair without damaging it.

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How to solve the problem with hairstyles and accessories

To cover the regrowth it will be possible to resort to particular hairstyles, capable of ‘hiding’ contrasting centimeters for a while (especially if it is white hair). Looks that are too flat and above all the line in the center must be avoided: the ideal is to create a zigzag line, which confuses the gaze. Better also to avoid the high tail, very tight and which highlights the white or contrasting roots too much.

Rather, focus on cottons and fluffy looks, perfect for camouflaging regrowth. There are also special precautions to be taken by resorting to accessories such as headbands and headbands , now launched in the Olympus of fashion together with beautiful jewel accessories . Wide bands – but also colored scarves – will shift attention to them, at the same time literally covering the centimeters of detachment between roots and lengths.

In this case, go ahead also to different types of hairstyles , both with the hair gathered and loose on the shoulders. Quarantine is an important test, above all on a psychological level, you also need strong nerves in terms of diet and proper nutrition . It is simply necessary to find the perfect balance.

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