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The chin-length bob will be the spring 2019 hairstyle!

The chin-length bob will be the spring 2019 hairstyle!

The chin-length bob will be the most popular haicut of the season: a layered and very short bob!

The new year is coming and in a moment it will be spring, with its first sunny days after winter. Therefore, it will be time to cut your hair. The chin-length bob is the new trend that will be very popular by then.

What does this haircut look like? It is a slightly layered bob that does not go past the chin. Social networks are the springboards of new trends and this is already popular, but its peak of success will be during the warm seasons, when we will want to get rid of long hair. Let’s find out together more about it.

Everything about the chin-length bob: the spring 2019 hairstyle!

We all agree that the bob has been the most successful haircut so far, but this new one is going to overcome it. A lot of women have already fallen in love with it. It also reminds a bit of the past, because this was women’s beloved hairstyle in 1920s. Actually, the flapper girls, or the emancipated girls of the time, chose it.

Chin-length bob
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From that moment on, the chin-length bob has always been loved, because it is a simple and easy haircut. Moreover, it just takes a few minutes to style. A lot of women like drying their hair head down, withouth combing it. This is the perfect haircut to do so.

The base of this haircut is a bob, but with a few changes. Refinery 29 lets us know that this will be the hair trend for spring 2019. This bob has layered tips, better looking if wavy and not long past the chin.

The hairstyler Melissa Timperley said: “The chin-length bob will be the haircut of 2019. We are witnessing a growing trend towards shorter medium cuts, with bangs and layered, for an effortless look“.

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