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The difference between vegan and vegetarian: everything that is important to know

vegetable food

Let’s find out together what is the difference between vegan and vegetarian in order to avoid unnecessary confusion and to be able to speak correctly with both.

Not everyone knows the difference between vegan and vegetarian. In fact, most people limit themselves to knowing that both do not eat meat , but without all the necessary insights that would be appropriate to do. So let’s find out what are the main differences in order to learn to understand what you eat and what not in both cases.

Vegans and vegetarians: the difference between the two increasingly popular eating styles

When we talk about vegan and vegetarian diets we often tend to combine them. In truth, the differences are many, although often so subtle as to create confusion.

vegetable food
vegetable food

To understand everything more easily, just think that vegetrians do not eat meat but eat milk, eggs and other derivatives. In reality, therefore, it would be more correct to speak of lacto-ovo-vegetarians , thus summarizing the types of foods they eat.

As for vegans, the eating style becomes more stringent. In fact, they do not eat either meat or derivatives of any kind. As a result, they don’t eat milk or even eggs. Furthermore, in most cases they tend to extend their approach to the way of life as well. They therefore avoid clothing made with animal skins, use untested products, etc …

Differences that it is very important to understand in order not to constantly feel confused when dealing with one or the other.

Other types of nutrition that often create more confusion

Often, there are people who, despite declaring themselves vegetarians, admit to eating fish . Well, in this case it is obviously not a vegetarian diet but, at most, semi-vegetarian.
At the same time there are also fruitarians who eat only fruit but who do not necessarily do so for reasons related to love for animals.

Food styles, to date, are so many and varied and it is only by learning to know them and to respect them that you will be able to live at their best among others, also avoiding the embarrassment of not knowing what to cook for dinner for a friend who has recently become vegan. or vegetarian.

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