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The Dior 2022 collection is a dance floor that travels from the 1960s to today

Fashion show

It will be play, color, a mix of timelines: this is how Dior dreams and imagines the spring / summer 2022 presented at Paris Fashion Week.

Behind every Dior fashion show there is a suggestion, a heartfelt and deep bond between the present and the collection to come: it is the touch of the creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri that does not repeat itself, but innovates at every show and leads us to discover others worlds that, not by chance, arrive in the world of fashion. The Paris Fashion Week catwalk on the occasion of the Dior spring / summer 2022 fashion show has changed shape and connotations.

It has thus become a game of the goose, a game of life, a dance floor, where inspirations, cuts and origins of 60s fashion have dominated it. Because that time represented a revolution , just like the one we are forced to live and still live today. But the desire for lightness, carefree and to go back to dancing not only on the dance floors, remains the greatest strength in the best dress and with a song in the mouth , as someone famously sang.

Dior, the spring / summer 2022 fashion show at Paris Fashion Week: the scenography by Anna Paparatti

Chiuri always admires and hunts for women with surprising and adventurous stories: in her gallery Anna Paparatti , rebellious and creative spirit of the Rome of the 60s and 70s, is honored in her gallery with this summer show, and it is she who signs this game of the goose / dance floor that tells the story of the new Dior summer collection. It was from the artist that he told Maria Grazia Chiuri that the work The great game that inspires the scenography of the Dior collection was born by chance, combining the many pieces of paintings painted and never exhibited.

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And in this casual game the models / pawns move in their looks that wink at the style of studio 54, at the 60s beat dresses, between multicolor color blocks and square cuts, between trapeze mini dresses and miniskirts, but above all the protagonist is the slim look , the one that Marc Bohan launched in 1961. Elastic, slender silhouettes, with a soft waist and natural shoulders, creations and suggestions that changed fashion and to which the creative director pays a heartfelt homage, also reminding us how shapes, cuts and costumes have evolved over time.

The best looks to copy from the spring / summer 2022 fashion show

Vintage lovers will find in this collection the opportunity to indulge in the retro taste like never before, starting from the suit , undoubtedly the most representative slim look of the show and which gives new light to classic office clothing, to show off with patent leather slave sandals. The color palette is more vintage than ever : orange, green, yellow, also mixed in color blocks.

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Monochromatic magnificence, on the other hand, is expressed in evening dresses , in which tulle and gazar meet : once again the homage is to Marc Bohan’s creations. It starts with a bodysuit on which the fabric is modeled, giving life to folds and bows, for a dynamic and natural I see and do not see effect.

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