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The first injections you can swallow are here!

The first injections you can swallow are here!

Soma are the new injections you can swallow. These pills release micro needles in the stomach. A big news for diabetes patients!

The MIT, the Massachussets Institute of Technology, is developing the first injections you can swallow, called Soma: Self Orienting Millimeter scale Application. At the moment, researchers have tested it on animals. However, in just 3 years they could work on human beings, too. This is a big news for people suffering from diabetes.

We are talking about a capsule which replaces the injection. It contains micro needles which the pill releases in the stomach. Let-s find out what this is about.

Soma: what is it and how does it work?

These edible injections look like a turtle shell. Once they reach the stomach, they release micro needles which inject insuline.

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Alex Abramson and Robert Langer are the ones who developed this new type of injection. They have already been testing medicines against diabetes. The study was born in the United States, at the Massachussets Institute of Technology and the Harvard University, and it was published on the Science magazine.

This medicine works in three stages. In the first one, the patient ingests the capsule which, thanks to its turtleshell shape, reaches the stomach vertically-oriented. In this way, the needles are already towards the stomach wall. During the second stage the capsule releases them, because the membrane that blocks them dissolves. In the last phase, the medicine is administered in the recommended dose.

Giovanni Traverso, the Harvard Brigham and Women’s Hospital doctor of the Gastroenterology Department explained: “This result shows us this technique is possible, so now we can start studying it in different fields. For example, thanks to this new capsule, we could administer even the latest medicines“.

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