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The fried cream is very good, but it is even more so if it is vegan

Vegan fried cream

Crunchy on the outside, creamy on the inside, vegan fried cream is perfect both as an appetizer and as a dessert. Let’s find out together how to reinterpret the recipe.

Fried cream is a typical dish from different areas of Italy . In Emilia Romagna and Marche it is consumed as an appetizer , together with fried meat and Ascoli olives, while in the Veneto region it is served as an end of a meal . The vegan fried cream, just like the traditional one, can be served on both occasions.

You will be amazed by the creaminess contained in a crunchy breading , by its sweet and aromatic flavor, but also by the simplicity of the preparation of these vegan desserts. The fried cream, in fact, is nothing more than vegan custard , spread and hardened before being fried. Nothing complicated in short, just a re-adaptation of the recipe to make this dish perfect even for those who follow a vegan diet.

Vegan fried cream
Vegan fried cream

How to prepare the vegan fried cream recipe

  1. Put the corn starch , turmeric , vanilla bean seeds and sugar in a saucepan.
  2. Add the soy milk slowly , stirring with a whisk to prevent lumps from forming.
  3. Transfer everything to the heat and cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, for 1 or 2 minutes from the boil . You will notice that the mixture will begin to thicken.
  4. While still hot, transfer it to a pan lined with cling film , forming a layer of about one and a half centimeters.
  5. Let it cool completely, then transfer to the refrigerator overnight .
  6. The following day, cut squares of cream, which will be solid by now. Prepare a batter with flour and water and dip your cubes.
  7. Then pass them in breadcrumbs before frying them in boiling oil. Drain them with a slotted spoon and leave them for a few moments on absorbent paper before serving the fried cream with a sprinkling of icing sugar .


The fried cream, also in the vegan version, is good fresh and freshly ready. If you can’t finish these delicious ingots, however, you can keep it for a day in the refrigerator , well covered with cling film or inside a container with an airtight lid. We do not recommend freezing.

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