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The Green Boom, an explosion of taste in Ciro Oliva’s vegetable pizza

Vegetable pizza by Carlo Oliva

Directly from “Concettina ai Tre Santi”, the recipe for the delicious vegetable pizza by Ciro Oliva arrives in Naples.

When it comes to pizza , the Italian city of Naples is always in the front row. Directly from the homeland of this characteristic and loved dish all over the world, comes a new and special recipe. We are talking about Ciro Oliva’s vegetable pizza, called The Green Boom , born in the Neapolitan restaurant known as “ Concettina ai Tre Santi “. Preparing it is very simple and only genuine products are needed.

On a crunchy and soft base – at the same time -, a mixture of delicious and characteristic ingredients of the Italian territory is placed. From Parmigiano Reggiano (48 months), to salad, from carrots and horseradish to EVO oil, this preparation is absolutely light and consists of an explosion of taste and flavors, all of a vegetable character. Before starting, however, know that, like any dough, this too needs long rising times .

Vegetable pizza by Carlo Oliva
Vegetable pizza by Carlo Oliva

Preparation of the recipe for Ciro Oliva’s vegetable pizza

  1. Let’s start by preparing the dough . In a large bowl, pour the flour .
  2. Also add the water (at room temperature), dry brewer ‘s yeast and salt .
  3. Mix everything with your hands and form a firm and smooth dough. Let it rise in a dry place, covering it with a cloth or plastic wrap , for about 6 hours .
  4. After this time, divide the dough into smaller loaves of about 150 g each.
  5. Preheat the oven (to 220 ° C) at least 30 minutes before and, after turning it off, put these loaves inside to let them rise for another 6 hours .
  6. Subsequently, take one dough at a time and roll it out with a rolling pin, to give it a circular shape.
  7. Bake one pizza base at a time, cooking at 220 ° C for 4 minutes .
  8. Once cooked, season immediately with baby carrots and horseradish , mixed salad , peanuts , 48-month Parmigiano Reggiano , balsamic vinegar and EVO oil , in the quantities you prefer.


Ciro Oliva’s recipe for a vegetable pizza is simple and completely genuine. If you have a few slices left , you can enjoy it the next day. This preparation can be stored for 1-2 days maximum, closed in a container or covered with a sheet of aluminum foil.

Alternatively, try the tastyyogurt pizza .

The work of Ciro Oliva and the idea for a vegetable pizza

As already mentioned, Ciro Oliva is the inventor of The Green Boom. With this name, this particular recipe of vegetable pizza is indicated. At the base, however, there is a concept that combines tradition and innovation . Indeed, Oliva has been at the helm of the family business for some years with his father Antonio. Both carry on the tradition of Neapolitan cuisine, which lives within the walls of the pizzeria in Naples “Concettina ai Tre Santi”, as explained on their website entitled Pizzeria Oliva .

Thanks to Ciro’s ideas and young mentality, the past meets the future. The success of his business is due to increasingly innovative proposals and in step with new trends, for increasingly genuine foods linked to the territory. Just think that he also participated in an episode of “Four restaurants” conducted by Alessandro Borghese ! In accordance with the fashion of the moment, which includes healthy dishes with a natural taste, Ciro presents his vegetable pizza to the world.

As Oliva himself states: “My new menu includes The Green Boom, the pizza dedicated to Dario Montoro, the owner of Masseria Pigliuocco, who carries on what is becoming a lost profession, that of the farmer of the land . In the same way, I also want to support the land, trying to entice young people like me to work in the fields and thus guarantee an exceptional production of vegetables and raw materials, because everything starts from there: if we can achieve great goals it is thanks to the wonderful products of our territory “ .

How much does it cost to eat at the “Concettina ai Tre Santi” pizzeria: prices

If you are thinking of wandering through the streets of Naples, know that for an unforgettable lunch or dinner there is the “Concettina ai Tre Santi” pizzeria. Here, you will find the fantastic vegetable pizza by Ciro Oliva to welcome you. In his kingdom, made of flour, tomato and various toppings, there are dishes for all tastes. Are you wondering how much it costs to eat at Pizzeria Oliva?

Do not worry because, despite the great fame of this place,the prices on the site seem to be perfectly within the average. Among the tastiest proposals is the traditional fried pizza at a cost of 8 euros. If you want to go for the classic, instead, there is a simple marinara for 5 euros. The prices for Oliva’s invented pizzas, on the other hand, are around that of the famous pizza Fondazione San Gennaro at 8 euros.

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