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The importance of face peeling for healthy, young and radiant skin

chemical peel

Let’s find out all the ways to perform a facial peeling correctly and get the maximum benefits for our skin.

The word “peeling” literally means exfoliation of the skin. It is a fundamental treatment for those who want to stimulate the renewal of skin cells . The mechanism of action can be both chemical and mechanical. Performing a face peeling means gaining brightness , reducing wrinkles and working on imperfections and dark spots. The peelings can be both do-it-yourself , naturally with low-concentration products, and carried out in specific centers by doctors or specialized aesthetic operators.

chemical peel

What is face peeling and how does it work?

Theface peeling provides a deep exfoliation useful to remove all dead cells and any type of residue accumulated over time on our skin. There are two different types of peeling, the chemical and the mechanical one, each responding to different needs .

Mechanical exfoliation , that is the classic scrub , requires the use of a product containing more or less large granules , depending on the degree of skin sensitivity. With your fingertips you have to massage the mixture gently until all dead cells and impurities that clog the pores are removed. The treatment is also easy to perform at home with specific cosmetic products, or using do-it-yourself recipes based on natural ingredients (the most common is the one with olive oil and sugar).

Chemical exfoliation, on the other hand, works even more deeply than a simple scrub. This method is preferable in case of skin prone to acne or irritation of various kinds, for which mechanical exfoliation could be too aggressive.

In the case of chemical peels, the cosmetics used are water-based and contain acids at different concentrations. Precisely according to the type of acid contained, the treatment can act on a more or less superficial level of the dermis. The most delicate products, with low concentrations, can be used independently and safely even at home without running any risks.

On the other hand, when you want to intervene on a deeper layer of the epidermis, it is necessary to use more aggressive acids, such as glycolic acids. To carry out the treatments in complete safety, it is mandatory to contact aesthetic medicine centers where the peeling is carried out by the dermatologist himself.

What is chemical face peel for and why is it so important?

Our skin, especially that of the face, is daily exposed to aggressive agents such as pollution and ultraviolet rays : the most obvious consequences are spots, uneven pigmentation , roughness and many other imperfections that often cause us discomfort and insecurity . The chemical peel, in fact, is one of the most requested services in the field of aesthetic medicine . Depending on the objectives to be achieved, the doctor will decide the intensity of the treatment and in which concentrations to use the exfoliating acids.

The most superficial chemical peeling, which penetrates only into the outermost layer of the epidermis, is used for example to lighten sun spots , to mask scars , or to give the skin greater tone .

When it reaches the level of the intermediate and deep paths of the skin, however, it is done to treat wrinkles and signs of aging , to illuminate the complexion and in general to stimulate cell renewal .

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