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The importance of finding psychological well-being after the crisis

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Find serenity with the tools we have available today.

In a difficult historical phase such as the one we are going through, it is easy to speak of “recovery”. In truth, the economic crisis that lies ahead is not the only crisis we are facing. The impact that forced isolation has had on us, the fear of being infected and in some cases the loss of loved ones have in some cases provoked an emotional imbalance .

Our habits have changed and in some way also emotional ties and social relationships have suffered the consequences of this. Furthermore, such a radical transformation of society has led in many cases to a profound sense of uncertainty . The loss of landmarks and the fear of being hit by the crisis in the first person raised more concern, stress and anxiety .

When these moods become permanent, we are faced with a more serious problem that needs external help. Usually the subject who is in this condition does not always find understanding from loved ones. At this point the solution may be to turn to professionals in the sector.

Today the tools we have are really many. In addition to the many psychological support branches active throughout Italy, ready to listen to the requests of those who fear for their health or are unable to face the current crisis, there are also other resources. Many psychologists also decide to meet users by providing services directly online , which allow them to interact and receive support while staying at home.

The advice of an online psychologist

Girl on the computer
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If so, getting help from an online psychologist can simplify the patient’s life. First of all, the latter does not have to face the fear of moving to receive advice . Secondly, it is possible to contact an expert and competent staff whenever necessary, since the waiting times online are reduced. Finally, this allows the patient to maintain greater discretion on his path. Furthermore, the presence of the screen allows greater spontaneity and freedom of expression.

Whatever choice you make, the first step starts from the importance of not being guilty. When we are in the middle of an emotional crisis, we tend to find ourselves guilty of our mood. The only truth that we should, however, keep in mind is that mental well-being , like physical well-being, deserves to be achieved even when this means relying on someone else and asking for help.

Photo source: education-studio-3087585/

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