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The importance of good humor in everyday life

Good mood

We all have emotions but not all of them have the same value or the same psychological effects on mood.

We all have emotions but not all of them have the same value or the same psychological effects on mood.

When you wake up in a good mood in the morning, bursting with optimism, joy and energy, these emotions are positive and make you happy and productive. But when you feel tired, sluggish, demoralized, irritable in the morning, your chances of having a good day are very slim. So, some emotions are quite positive, others are quite negative.

Each has their own character: while some are generally upbeat and cheerful, others are bittersweet. Still others oscillate in balance between the two moods, and there are also people who at the same moment experience sudden changes in mood that make them feel suddenly demoralized, irritated or sad even during a very happy moment in their life.

However, more and more scientific evidence shows that emotions are communicative . Some people manage to share their optimism and cheerfulness with those around them. When faced with someone who is particularly open, kind, generous and smiling, the interlocutor will inevitably react by smiling . Positive feelings recall other positive feelings . Conversely , negative feelings recall other negative feelings.

Good mood
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The happiness routine: a daily exercise to train in a good mood

Being in a good mood every day is not given to everyone, even if this is the general aspiration and everyone would be happy if this were the case. Is there a drug of good mood ? Each person will have asked himself this at least once in his life, especially in times of high stress.


But before resorting to outside help, implement your ” happiness routine “, and persevere in its application. First of all, get up on the right foot every day , smile, have a good breakfast, and try to share your goals for the day with those around you – a dream, for some, a great utopia! Most people stay gloomy in the morning instead of starting the day with joy, give up the calm of the pre-work routine to leave the house already in a bad mood. If you are an early riser try to set the alarm one hour earlier than usual and do 40 minutes of outdoor sports, the massive release of endorphins will charge you for the whole day to come.

The bad habits of the morning also include that of lack of sociability : are you one of those people who everyone knows to be in a bad mood before coffee? This is one of the worst causes of constant daily moodiness.

To change this you just have to tell yourself every day – when you wake up – that it’s a beautiful day that is about to start , that you are moving towards your goal and that the people around you are great.

It is clear, it will not happen overnight, but you will see that, little by little, your morning mood will improve . You will feel better and most importantly, you will make the people around you happy!

A constant good mood helps to improve self-esteem , we do not see worries the same and we resolve them more easily. On the contrary, a bad mood accentuates the problems and when we see everything black we become unable to solve anything, risking to cause a sharp decline in self-esteem .

Bring a good mood to the office: smile therapy

Smiling is not your favorite sport but if you knew that smiling you put 17 muscles to work, you would immediately start doing it because smiling boosts our immune system, lowers blood pressure and releases endorphins, those little hormones of happiness that make you feel optimistic. . Simply smiling will develop an optimism that will itself be an antidote to depression and anxiety.

The office is often seen as a very formal place where employees should behave according to protocol and follow the rules. In any case, a good mood remains essential . Having employees overflowing with joy can be of great benefit to any company, because by living the work environment better, the camaraderie will also help the performance of each individual. In short, the happier the employees, the more productive they are.

Our joy and good mood can have a positive impact on our work, our behavior and our health. Our good mood affects our performance .

One of the ways to foster a good mood in the office is to optimize breaks , the time spent with friends and colleagues in the office is very important. Create complicity among employees. During the coffee break or cigarette breaks, it is important to laugh together. This attitude is important because it releases the emotional and physical tensions that everyone experiences.

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