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The insuline pill for diabetes patients is here!

The insuline pill for diabetes patients is here!

Good news for people suffering from diabetes: they can now take insuline pills!

The Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers have launched a new special product for people suffering from diabetes. It is the first insuline pill, which is the same size as a coffee bean and can be swallowed when you need it!

This is the ideal medication for people suffering from type 2 diabetes, a disease which causes hyperglycemia. This new medicine will soon replace insuline injections in people with high blood sugar levels. Let’s find out how it works!

Insuline pill: the new medicine for diabetes!

Patients can ingest this medicine, which starts working only once it has reached the stomach. In this way, insuline injections become avoidable. Scientists have shown they can provide each patient with just the right amount of insuline they need.

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Robert Langer, professor at the David H. Koch Institute and member of the MIT Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, explained: “We are very confident, one day this new pill will help people suffering from diabetes, and maybe also those who need therapies that are now administered as injections or intravenous feeding“.

With this pill, patients won’t feel any pain, that is why it is a big news. Other than this new medicine, the same researchers have created a kind of injections you can swallow and have a similiar function.

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