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The invisible dental appliance? It is not a fairy tale, but a reality!

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When for the first time there was talk of “invisible appliance” many raised an eyebrow thinking it was talking about a fairy tale for children.

Yet it is a real thing and that, contrary to what some skeptics might think, that works. The invisible appliance is probably the most surprising revolution that has occurred in the world of corrective orthodontics in recent years.

It is an orthodontic device that allows, under certain conditions, to realign the dental arches of a person, without altering the aesthetics of the smile. This is because, precisely, the device is not seen. Thanks to a special resin, a mask has been created that the person must wear and that progressively, like a normal appliance, pushes the teeth so that they change their arrangement, going from an incorrect position to a correct and aligned one.

Why choose the invisible appliance?

The invisible corrective device, it is good to underline it, it is not a device that is good for every type of care you need to do. In fact, it may not meet certain needs. In particular, the invisible dental apparatus is recommended in case of malocclusion , i.e. incorrect alignment of the arches with respect to each other.

The reasons for the malocclusion can be different and the variations of this problem are also different, in any case what is certain is that it is not only an aesthetic question, but also of health. Having a misaligned bite , in fact, can lead to problems with the oral cavity, but also to the spine, continuous headaches etc.

The advantage of this type of appliance is that they are not fixed, although it is clear that they should be kept practically always if not for brushing the teeth. Without brackets, metal wires, dimensions or unsightly plates, you can take care of your mouth without too many compromises. The convenience, effectiveness and excellent results of this device are the reason for such a diffusion of the same. Even if the technique is largely computerized and advanced technology, it is always better to go to a specialized dental practice.

Invisalign: the invisible appliance and its details

Teeth - smile
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One of the best invisible appliance techniques available today is definitely Invisalign. It is a latest generation orthodontic technique that requires extraordinary digital technologies and latest generation materials. Not all dental offices can offer this technique, but it must be said that today, especially in large cities, this technique is quite widespread: therefore, Invisalign Milan , Rome, Turin, Naples is available to those who want to be treated but without giving up a perfect smile.

This is possible, thanks to a 3D digital imaging technique, which allows to study in detail how the dentition is today and how it must progressively evolve until it reaches perfection . For each phase of this evolution, a high-tech appliance creates a series of customized templates that the person will have to replace (approximately every 14 days) gradually, favoring the movement of the teeth. The dentition will move 0.1 mm at a time: the first results will be seen only when 12-24 months have passed.

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