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The it-bag that changes without betraying its origins: the Chanel 12.11 bag is the most popular since 1955

Chanel 11.12 bag

Sophisticated and practical, these are the two souls of the famous Chanel 2.55 bag, which later became the 11.12, the most desired of the moment.

A Chanel bag is forever, whatever it is, but even more so, and we could write it on the walls and on the subways as much as they drive us crazy, the famous 2.55 is , a bag now it-bag that for Coco had to combine elegance and practicality. Two souls that live together today, even in an updated version in 12.11 , which owes everything to its ancestor: the rest of the story was made by Karl Lagerfeld .

In its most recent version, in addition to having been widely celebrated by the maison, it is currently the most loved by celebrities and influencers, which both in the classic and in the mini format, do not fail to make this bag highly versatile, amiably able to really feel good. on the whole.

The Chanel 2.55 bag: from 1955, designed by Coco, to the additions of Karl Lagerfeld

Behind every Coco creation, the question that always accompanied the Mademoiselle avant , was how practical a garment or accessory was, and of course even when the 2.55 was born, the idea was to create a practical bag, which in fact was inspired by shoulder bags for the military. A comfortable bag, easy to put on and carry, capacious at the right point.

Even then, the fundamental details that have come down to today, were the chain shoulder strap woven with a leather thread , so that it could move adapting to the shape of the body, and then the quilted fabric, like the quilted jackets typical of riding clothing.

From the simplest models, which had already written its it-bag history for some time, to when with the arrival of Karl Lagerfeld in 1983 as director of the maison, a double C closure and a double pantella were added to the bag. inside with an extra pocket: 12.11 was born, which today is the diva of Chanel bags.

The 12.11 by Chanel: celebrated by the maison and worn by the stars

To celebrate the iconicity of this bag, the maison has made a video directed by Sofia Coppola, The Chanel Icon , to tell step by step how this small work comes to life with a shrewd manual skill, until it reaches the hands of those who worship this bag. bag like a fetish.

In fact, it is the stars who honor it, showing how easy it is to wear it: from the models with the most pop colors liked by Heidi Klum , to the blue tweed model by Lily-Rose Depp, with silver details. Naturally, there is no shortage of influencers, such as Valentina Ferragni , who focuses on the classic leather in wisteria , one of the trendiest colors of the season.

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