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The last 2019 beauty trend is Cow nails!

The last 2019 beauty trend is Cow nails!

Cow nails, a nail art with white and black spots, just like cows, is here. They are perfect for spring!

We know that for spring and summer 2019 animal prints are again all the rage. However, the last beauty trend is cow nails. What are we talking about? It’s a nail art inspired by cows, with a milk white base and black spots.

Animal prints are no news, but a lot of beauty addicts have already fallen in love with this cow manicure! On Instagram there are a lot of pictures of this nail art: even Kendall Jenner has said she can’t wait to have it. Let’s find out together how to create it!

Everything you need to know about the cow nail art!

Even if someone does not like animal prints, it still is one of the most loved trends. We have seen tortoise, leopard, tiger, and zebra nails and other styles that remind to the savannah. Now, it’s time to move in a farm. Actually, if well matched, these manicures are very chic, sexy and refined.

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It is very easy to make the cow manicure. You just need a white base nail polish and, as soon as it dryes out, you can create irregular black spots. It very quick and easy to make at home, you do not need the aid of a professional.

You should match this manicure with a sober outfit, for example a total black or a jeans and a white t-shirt. Even the famous Kendall Jenner told the magazine Allure that she can’t wait to try it, because it is very beautiful!

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