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The last beauty trend is transparent eyeliner!

The last beauty trend is transparent eyeliner!

There is a beauty news: transparent eyeliner, an airy and dream makeup!

It’s something never seen before in the beauty world and especially for makeup. We are talking about transparent eyeliner! It can look like a contradiction, but it’s not. Even if it has no color, this makeup is absolutely visible!

The makeup artist Marie Dausell realized this original and unusual look. With this transparent eyeliner, you will look airy and like you’re coming out of a dream! Let’s find out better what we are talking about and how to use this new product!

The new beauty trend is the transparent eyeliner!

Marie Dausell does not love too heavy makeups, smokey eyes and intense contouring; she prefers subtle makeup, just like this one.

This eyeliner is made with transparent liquid. This makeup artist loves creating products with impalpable colors, also using invisible metal gloss and texture.

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This makeup is very nice and has a jelly effect. In order to create this look, the MUA used the Infinity Glass primer of the Linda Hallberg Cosmetics line. It is a gel that does not dries and gives a wet effect. This particular product is ideal to create shapes, for example tears or flames.

This makeup is very peculiar, so it’s not suitable for your everyday look or for work. In fact, it is ideal for an important and odd night, when you don’t want to pass unnoticed. It’s a daring look, ideal with a nude makeup. Moreover, it is very easy to make: you just need to draw the shapes you like!

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