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The last trend for men is decorating their beard as a Christmas tree!

The last Christmas trend for men is decorating their beard as a Christmas tree!

Men love Christmas beards and love decorating them as Christmas trees, with balls, colored lights and candy canes!

This is a new trend on social network and a lot of men have already posted photos with their Christmas beards! And yes, there are also tons of memes about this bizarre news. Men who really love Christmas have decided to decorate their beard.

So many people have already decorated their house and the Christmas tree before December. But many men have also posted selfies with Christmas decorations on their beards. Is it just a bizarre and funny initiative, or they will really show up like this at the Christmas lunch with their relatives?

Christmas beard: the new trend is to decorate it like a Christmas tree!

Decorating your beard as if it were a Christmas tree is the new holiday trend. We already know you can decorate with Christmas balls and glitter your eyebrows for this holiday, but this time even men have launched a new fashion.

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Some retailers, including Amazon, have launched many sets to decorate your beard for Christmas. The kit consists of super colourful mini lights, mini Christmas ornaments and white, green and red sugar canes. All the sets flied off the shelves!

It can be the perfect gift for your hipster friends, but you can also buy it for yourself. It started as a joke, but this has become the new trend of the moment. The Christmas beard kit contains led lights which you can easily fit between your beard hairs, which must be long. The sets are equipped with tweezers to help you decorating your face.

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