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The looks we will wear in summer 2022, influenced by the fashion shows in Milan, London, New York and Paris

Fashion week show

Wedges, cut-out cuts, suits, retro outfits with a contemporary allure: the mix and match of the summer 2022 look.

Colorful, sexy, captivating, experimental, the looks of summer 2022 summarized by the catwalks of the Milan, London, New York and Paris Fashion Weeks , tell of a lively summer, ready to leave the pandemic behind: the outfits taste like dreams , hope, of life and rediscovered colors, in a mix and match of fabrics, cuts and trends that inevitably tell the past that intersects in the present, projected towards the future.

Trends already spotted in summer 2021 remain, such as cut-out details, wedges and cropped top outfits to tie , with the uncovered pelvis becoming even more protagonist of the legs, which have always been the undisputed queens of summer nude looks, to which we also add shoulders. The diktat will be discovering oneself in strategic points, to be sexy but with class.

Summer 2022 look: from suits with short skirts to lingerie in plain sight

Sensuality, glamor and rigor , three mood attributes that mix and amaze in summer 2022, making iconic garments updated to the summer and distorted by their primary vocation back in fashion: the suit, for example, is no longer just an office outfit but thanks to the multicolor elegance of Chanel and revisited with a short skirt , it can also become the perfect outfit to be reserved for social gatherings and events. The mini skirt with a nod to the 60s in some cases even becomes crotch.

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– On the wave of vintage, the Vichy checker is rediscovered, of which Michael Kors makes it a protagonist fabric of his collection in a glam black and white version , while the square evening dress in pure sixty style will be an essential evening must-have of the our wardrobe according to Dior. The stylists dare and invite us to do it too, showing off the lingerie.

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– Trend already in vogue this year, the blazer + bra couple, of the same color or of the same pattern in the 2022 version, is definitively consolidated and if we let the briefs show from the low-waisted trousers as suggested by Miu Miu , with precious and sophisticated elastic bands for the occasion, we will certainly be on the crest of the wave.

Cut-out cuts, jumpsuits, wedges and shrugs: the other trends of the next summer season

They have been back for a few years to never leave us again: they are wedges , beloved by the lowest ones to gain momentum and height, but also by the tallest ones to show off the silhouette, especially the wedge and platform sandals will be destined to become gods. real pret-a-porter in competition with the evergreen flat sandal. And for those who want to indulge themselves, they will even get involved with the 25 centimeters of GCDS !

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– If you loved the jumpsuit, you will wear it this winter and dream of not abandoning its comfort for the rest of your life, next summer you can also have fun with the tight shiny jumpsuits , sexy in their cut-out cuts , thin as a second leather, which can also be combined with shrugs . From the world of dance, these pret a porter outfits to wear alone or with a top, will be the must have for next summer to wear anytime, anywhere.

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