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The many properties of hot pepper, ally of our heart

The many properties of hot pepper, ally of our heart

Is it true that hot pepper protects from cardiovascular diseases and has anti-cancer properties? Here all the truth about its benefits!

Hot pepper comes from the Caspicum plant. There are many varieties that have different degrees of spiciness. It is commonly used to season dishes, altough there are people who like to chew them.

It has many nutrients, therefore hot pepper has many benefits for our body. Let’s learn everything about its properties!

How many varieties are there?

There are at least 2000 types of this spice, some natural, some created by mankind. You have definitely heard about some of them, while others are more local.

However, regardless of the variety we want to consider, hot peppers have very interesting properties for our body. For example, did you know this spice can burn fats, other than our tongue?

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The burning-fat hot pepper

Yes, this spice is amazing if you want to lose weight. Of course you should not rely just on it, but together with the right diet and some exercise, the results will be amazing.

Its slimming properties come from capsaicin, which also gives it its spicy flavor. This substance speeds the metabolism up and does not make you feel hungry by reducing the ghrelin activity, that is the hormon that stimulates the appetite.

Moreover, hot pepper activates the brown adipose tissue, in charge of the thermogenesis. In short, it helps burning built up fats.

Hot pepper: other properties

Other than its slimming properties, this spice has many other virtues. It is a vasodilator, and reduces the build up of fat in the arteries, thus reducing the risk of cardiac diseases such as heart attacks and strokes. Moreover, it is also an amazing anti-cholesterol, cardioprotector and antithrombotic: these actions benefit our heart.

According to some studies, capsaicin also has an anti-cancer action. It seems it is able to stop the proliferation of cancer cells in the human body. Other researches also proved that hot pepper is an anti-depressant, because it improves the mood and gives wellness and calmness.

Finally, a series of other beneficial effects of this spice: it is rich in vitamin C and it is an anti-inflammatory. Moreover, it promotes the digestion and soothes heartburns by promoting the production of mucus in the stomach walls. Other than having an antihistaminic action, it is also an aphrodisiac food.

Side effects of this spice

When is it better to avoid this spice? In case of ulcer or chronic gastritis, because this food could have more side effects than benefits. Therefore, be careful. Moreover, it is better to avoid it if you suffer from irritable colon syndrome, hemorrhoids or anal fissures.

Considered its spiciness, children should not eat hot pepper, because their digestive system is more delicate. Finally, pregnant women should also reduce their intake of this spice, because during a pregnancy it is more likely to suffer from gastric and intestinal problems.

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