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The many uses of citric acid: what it is and where to buy it

The many uses of citric acid: what it is and where to buy it

When it comes to clean your house, you can count on a natural and versatile ally: we are talking about citric acid!

How many products do you use daily to clean your house? Floor and washing machine detergents, fabric softener, dish detergent, anti-limescale product, degreaser: these are just some of the chemicals everyone of us has.

Useless to say that the environmental impact of these common detergents is quite high. How to solve this problem? We can resort to citric acid: it is a natural product for cleaning our house and for our personal hygiene.

What is citric acid?

It is a compound contained naturally in citrus fruits, especially in lemons. You can buy it in a powder that, when comes into contact with water, forms a solution with acid pH. This mix is very useful to prepare cleaning products.

You can use to homemade everything you need with a few ingredients, in a safe and cheap way. Moreover, you will also reduce pollution, because you won’t use chemicals nor packagings.

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You can find citric acid in many organic and natural shops, but also at the pharmacy and at the herbalist’s shop. Some well-stocked supermarkets could also have it and, of course, you can buy it online.

How to use citric acid

First of all, you should know that this product is not dangerous. Just think about the fact that it is used to preserve many foods: it is dangerous only if eaten in high amounts. Therefore, it is completely safe to use it to clean your house.

As we mentioned, you can use this product for almost everything. For example, it is an amazing anti-limescale! Mix 150g of powder with a liter of water and pour this solution in a spray container. Use it on your tiles, toilet, and any other surface that can resist acid.

Moreover, you can use the citric acid solution to descale your washing machine. Once a month, pour a liter of this mixture in the basket and start the machine at high temperature. You can do the same with your dishwasher: in this case, this solution work as a brightener.

Citric acid: other uses

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If you want to use this product to soften your clothes, you can mix 100g of powder with a liter of water.

Instead, in order to clean mirrors and glasses, mix a teaspoon of citric acid and a teaspoon of dish detergent in a liter of water.

This powder is amazing in the kitchen, too. If some of your pots are encrusted, let them soak for a few hours with half a liter of water and 25g of citric acid.

Finally, you can use this product for your hair care! In order to have bright hair, after your shampoo wash your hair with a liter of water and a pinch of citric acid.

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