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The many uses of lavender

The many uses of lavender

How can use use lavender? It has many purposes: find out all of them!

Lavender has countless beneficial properties for our body and mind. Its scent nicely wraps itself around our senses, while its principles help getting rid of stress and muscle pains. Its many uses vary both in cosmetics and in the therapeutic field.

With a bundle of these nice violet flowers you can prepare amazing remedies for your skin or customized air fresheners; moreover, you can use its essential oil for your bath and massages. Let’s see the many uses of lavender!

How to use this plant as an air freshener

This plant is amazing to give your closet a nice scent. You can create scented bags with lavender branches: close it with a twine and place it next to your clothes.

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Instead, if you want to smell lavender around your house, pour some essential oil drops in a jar of water, and let it evaporate. You can also pour lavender essential oil drops on a cotton ball and place it in a jar. Every now and then, spray some water on it to renew the scent. In winter, you can place the jar next to your radiator, in order to better spread the scent.

Lavender for your mind and body wellness

If you want to fight stress and tension, make a tea with the flowers of this plant. Filter it and, instead of drinking it, massage it on your temples: it will make you feel immediately more relaxed.

You can take care of your dry skin with this plant. Prepare an oil by mixing 30ml of olive oil with 20 grams of lavender flowers. Let the oil absorb the scent; then, the following day, remove the flowers or filter the oil. At this point, add half a liter of water and mix before using it.

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