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The memorable 2021 looks of the stars: sparkling, original and daring dresses

Bella Hadid

Enchanting dresses, jewels, with bright colors, but also whimsical: these are the 2021 looks worn by the stars on the international red carpets.

2021 was an opportunity for the stars to be able to return to occasions that put their beauty and looks in the spotlight: from the Cannes festival to that of Venice, passing through the Met Gala, and without forgetting the world premieres of highly anticipated films, we have gathered the 2021 looks that made us dream, inspired us and that we will not easily forget.

2021 red carpet look: the elegant, sparkling and daring dresses from the world of cinema

The grandeur and magic of the cinema dream factory must be honored with the choice of an unexpected look, capable of making us dream, amaze us, and as far as possible leave an indelible mark even in the passage of time, exactly like a film. In our opinion, there are two actresses who have succeeded best in this intent.

– The first is undoubtedly Zendaya , who with her nude look in Venice , but also with her “spider dress” worn on the occasion of the Spiderman No Way Home premiere, reminded us that fashion is a language, a fun game that we can customize with taste and creativity. To best honor the invitation of the timetoshine , diktat of this year that is about to fly away and probably also of the next, it was Dakota Johnson : her Gucci crystal dress is a small dazzling masterpiece that is difficult to forget.

Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian, Chiara Ferragni: the looks that made people talk more

Bold, original, meaningful, whimsical, original and even a little crazy, are those looks that have managed to make people talk about themselves : between amazement, wonder and even a pinch of reflection, the three women who dared, wearing bold and theme with the event in which they were the protagonists, they reminded us how fashion is not only taste and divertissement but can also take on a message.

– Singular and still shrouded in mystery is the look sported by Kim Kardashian on the occasion of the Met Gala 2021: a dress designed for her by Balenciaga that covered her in black from head to toe, until it almost disappeared completely, in the period in which , at odds with Kanye West, there had been a lot of talk about her. The message was perhaps to respond to the chatter around her with a blurred look, but which ironically caused a lot of talk and not so much for Kardashian’s private life. Many, not appreciating the choice, wondered if such a look was a message aimed at the recent events involving Afghan women. Therefore, pay attention also to what we choose to wear and when!

– A tribute to female empowerment , creativity and the strength that distinguishes women was undoubtedly the look chosen by Chiara Ferragni on the occasion of the award received by GQ in Berlin, where the digital entrepreneur was recognized as Woman of the Year . What better occasion to wear a feminine gold bust top by Schiaparelli to ask ourselves between the lines Who runs the world ? Girls!

Last but not least we certainly cannot forget the look of Bella Hadid chosen on occasion of the Cannes Film Festival 2021: a long and elegant little black dress, embellished with a wide décolléte decorated with the sculpture necklace of a tree of life . Also in this case the signature is by Schiaparelli, and the symbol is not chosen by chance: the life that flows, like the one told by the cinema but also ours, which we hope as soon as possible to be able to recover completely in a newfound serenity.

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