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The latest popular nail trend is striped nail art. It is very easy to make at home on your own!

The striped nail art is easy and fast to make. Moreover, you can wear your nails with different colors, thanks to the creative geometric patterns. The right ingredients to make this manicure effect are: many nail polishes, patience and a lot of imagination.

Lines are easy to make and have a surprise effect. You just need some strips of nail tape! This is the latest beauty trend, already popular on social networks and, in particular, it will be all the rage during the next summer 2019. Let’s find out how to make this nail art!

Everything about striped nail art!

It is very important to start from a neat nail base. You can choose the shape you like: short or long, almond-shaped, round or squared. After this step, apply a colorless base to avoid your nails to go yellow.

Nail art a strisce
Photo source: https://www.instagram.com/trixies_pinkbanter/?hl=it

Once dryed, you can start with the decoration. It is important to choose a black and a white nail polish to draw the base lines. In this way, you will obtain a colored optical effect. You can choose the other colors as you wish! You can opt for a single nuance, or ten, one per finger. Of course this last decision is a bit bolder.

In order to prevent line smudging, some tape can help you drawing the lines. Moroever, you need to pass two coats of nail polish. Finish with a transparent nail polish to make everything shiny and perfect.

This striped nail art is all the rage on social networks, such as that with animal prints, turtle-like nails and much more. This beauty trend will have its peak of success in spring and during summer, with all the colors you like.

Photo source: https://www.instagram.com/trixies_pinkbanter/?hl=it

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