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The one-course meal diet is one of the most followed diets in this period to quickly lose weight!

The Harvard School of Public Health has studied the one-course meal diet. Nutritionists created a balanced diet, which allows a rapid weight loss. This diet is also called balanced one-course diet and has already guaranteed great results.

In order to avoid negative consequence, you should always talk about this diet with your doctor. It is a very light and easy to follow food regime. The purpose is to take few calories per meal, but at the same time achieve the right level of satiety. Let’s find out how it works.

How does the one-course meal diet work?

This diet is more and more common in this period,  because it guarantees great results, without too many sacrifices. Before starting it, you need to consider your health condition, in order to avoid damages.

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The goal of this diet is to eat in one course all the ingredients needed to reach satiety. This means you should consume carbohydrates, proteins, fibers and fats in just one dish. Of course, the ingredients must be balanced, and the fats should be moderate.

Throughout the day, you should not take more than 1000 calories. The meals are divided into breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus two snacks. The ingredients must not be weighed, but consumed with moderation. By following this diet, you could lose 5 kilograms in 5 days. Later, however, it is necessary to keep following a healthy diet, otherwise you risk to regain all the lost weight.

We also recommend to exercise regularly, even just a daily walk,  and to drink plenty of water. If you decide to follow the one-course meal diet, seek the advice of your doctor before.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/pasta-cretese-skiufihta-piatto-2898432/

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