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The last beauty trend is sparkling makeup! It was launched during the Dries Van Noten catwalk during the Fashion Week!

There is a new beauty trend: sparkling makeup! We saw it during the Fashion Week, on Dries Van Noten’s models. It is a simple style which focuses on the eyes and enhances the gaze.

The eyes are rich in glittery parts, while the rest of the face is natural. This makeup will make you shine brighter than stars. You can apply it for the happy hour or for a dinner with friends, especially during summer. Let’s find out everything you need to know and how to make it!

Sparkling makeup: how to make it?

You don’t know what makeup to do for an important night? Catwalks can inspire you! This style is ideal for different events and will make you look chic and elegant.

Photo source: https://www.instagram.com/vogueitalia/?hl=it

This makeup was created by the MUA Peter Philips and focuses on the eyes, which are enlightened by two ways: with golden and silver glitter, or with a mix of pink, blue and golden.

Peter Philips said: “We did not want an eye makeup too full, which reminded to metal tones and discos”. Choose big enough glitters: the fact that they are few but big will catch the attention and the lights! In this way youìll shine like a diamond!

The rest of the makeup is natural, which is also in fashion in this period. Choose a suitable foundation and apply gloss on your lips, if you like it. If you want to be even more chic, use a lot of mascara.

Photo source: https://www.instagram.com/vogueitalia/?hl=it

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