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The new spring 2019 hairstyle is here: everything about the shag bob!

The new spring 2019 hairstyle is here: everything about the shag bob!

The hair trend for spring 2019 is the shag bob, a care-free, light and golden haircut!

The shag bob is the new hair trend for the hot season, starting from spring 2019. It is very stylish and reminds to the 1970s!

Usually, Instagram influencers and stars launch these new trends, and it is the case even for the shag bob: this new look was launched by Julianne Hough, who choose this hairstyle. We already know a lot of people will start copying her! Let’s see more details!

2019 haircuts: the shag bob is here!

For the next spring and summer 2019, the 1970s look will be all the rage again! The right hairstyle is short, just over the shoulders, care-free, layered and with bangs.

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It is an actual bob, very stylish in this period, but it is layered. Furthermore, it is even more chic thanks to the bangs, another must-have in this season, especially if cut very short. The shag bob is perfect for people with blonde hair, but it looks good also on brunettes.

Goldie Hawn had it in the 1970s, while Meg Ryan brought it back in the 1990s. Today, it’s Julienne Hough’s turn! It was Riawna Capri of the Los Angeles Nine Zero One Salon, who launched the idea. She called this haircut “Goldie Vibes”. The shag bob is vibrant, care-free and light, but elegant and chic.

The hairdresser explained: “We wanted a simple haircut, deep and with three-dimensional colors. We enhanced its strong points by reinforcing the blonde, cutting the bangs and to give volume”.

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