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The new tooth oil is here!

The new tooth oil is here!

There’s a new beauty product everyone wants: tooth oil! It works as a toothpaste and a washmouth together!

Body care and beauty lovers keep under control every detail, and many of them love taking care of their smile, too. Finally, there’s a new product: tooth oil, an actual beauty revolution!

This product works both as a toothpaste and mouthwash! let’s find out together all its benefits and the curiosities you need to know!

Everything about the new tooth oil!

This producthas more than one job. Some of its ingredients work as a toothpaste, while others have a mouthwash effect. This product is perfect for people who travel a lot, for work or for fun, especially if you travel by plane. You can bring this little bottle with you and save room in your luggage!

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Two-in-one products are more and more common, because they are very convenient. This product is called Fresh Tooth Oil and was launched by the famous brand Ringana, which produces vegan beauty products.

This oil has its two-in-one functions thanks to its ingredients. Its little silicic acids grains, which can lightly remove dental plaque, work as a toothpaste. Instead, its content of sesame oil, Java turmeric and eucalyptus oil works as a mouthwash. This ingredients can neutralize your mouth bacteria and fight bad breath.

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