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The new winter trend for nails is the floral manicure!

The new winter trend for nails is the floral manicure!

Garden Party is the latest nail trend in nails for fall 2018 and winter 2019. We are talking about floral manicure!

This new beautiful and very colorful trend in terms of nails is very popular! Social networks are already full of super Instagram friendly photos of this new manicure. We are talking about floral manicure: your nails will be full of flowers and natural elements.

More and more people are choosing the Garden Party look. It is like having a garden full of flowers on your nails. Michelle Lee, the editor-in-chief of the online beauty magazine Allure, developed the idea. She is a great lover of nails and manicure! Let’s find out together what it is about.

Floral manicure: everything about this new nail art!

You can think that this look would be ideal during the warm seasons, instead this manicure gives a touch of color in fall and winter. In fact, it is ideal to liven up our favorite total-black or cold-shade outfit.

Manicure floreale
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This new nail art is based on nude tones or on powder pink nail polish. The decoration leaves are military green and brown colors. Instead, the flowers are colorful, ranging from red, to yellow, to orange, and much more. There is no limit to your imagination.

It is really easy to make this floral manicure at home: it is not necessary to go to a nail professional to achieve a perfect effect. The expert has used nail wraps or temporary tattoos on the nail surface.

The perfect match for this floral manicure are camel coats, brimmed hats, mini purses and big golden rings. Instead, the ideal make-up is the one on the shades of nude.

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