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The Nike Air Force 1 wears Swarovski: streetwear sparkles with elegance

Air Force 1 Swarovski

Luxury sneakers set the trend again this season: Nike launches the Air Force 1 with crystals together with Swarovski.

The concept of sneakers in the fashion world has definitely changed: it is no longer a sports shoe, but a model that can be made according to different tastes and trends, and thus be worn on multiple occasions, always embracing a different style. Even Nike has picked up the trend again and together with Swarovski has thought to literally cover one of its classic models with a new light: the Air Force 1. A novelty that can officially allow you to wear sporty-chic shoes without any sense of guilt. even with a dress.

Air Force 1 Triple White with crystals: the sparkling collaboration between Nike and Swarovski

Two legends meet. The Air Force 1 is in fact an iconic Nike model, created by Bruce Kilgore and whose name is inspired by the plane used by the President of the United States, in the 80s it wrote the history of street style, but its appeal is strong and back in great trend even today, that’s why we are talking about a legend. And then there is Swarovski that with its crystals for over 125 years has been riding trends, always ready to meet the tastes and desires of its admirers.

This is how the history of the classic design of the Triple White is rewritten, which thus becomes the coolest launching object of this year in the Swarovski universe and the most luxurious shoe in the Nike Air Force 1 collection: there are 228 retroreflective crystals that cover the non-faceted sneaker, made exclusively for Nike. The model, with a sparkling style, is certainly very particular, a perfect mix between a sporty appeal and a precious luxury decoration that prefers a minimal appeal.

How much do the Nike x Swarovski Air Force 1 cost and where to buy them

The sneakers we are talking about are a dream, but one that can certainly be realized. Inspired by street reflectors, these shoes are also created to give visibility on dark streets: they are characterized by a modular four-part coating that supports the Swarovski crystals, which can be customized in any way thanks to the screwdriver complete with embedded crystal, supplied with the packaging.

The price therefore with such a personalized packaging and a sneaker covered with precious Swarovski crystals is 459.99 euros and from 2 December they should be available on the Nike website , where a few days ago the model was sold out. Also available in Triple black: being a shoe with an elegant vocation, the colors chosen are those of a basic and elegant dress code.

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