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The Ornish diet helps you lose your extra weight!

The Ornish diet helps you lose your extra weight!

This food regime makes us lose weight quickly, other than helping us eliminating excess fat and keep cholesterol under control. Here’s how it works!

There is a new food regime to lose weight: it’s the Ornish diet. It is very strict, but it makes us lose weight very quickly, other than helping us keeping cholesterol under control.

This diet was created by the American cardiologist Dean Ornish, a doctor specialized in coronary diseases and expert in obesity matters. The food regime he created is a low fat one. However, before starting it, we suggest you to ask your doctor advice, in order to understand if you can actually follow it. Let’s find how everything you need to know about this new food regime!

Ornish diet: menu and how it works

According to this food plan, you need to almost completely eliminate fats: you can only use extra virgin olive oil to season your dishes. Moreover, you can eat only 10% of good fats, such as skimmed milk and egg white. You can eat cane sugar, salt and wine, but with great moderation.

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On the contrary, you can eat as much fibers as you want: fruits, vegetables, legumes and wholewheat cereals. Moreover, in order to fight some diseases, you cannot smoke nor drink coffee, and you need to workout regularly. Walking outdoors for 30 minutes three times a week is enough.

The doctor also suggests meditation, in order to eliminate stress and help your mental and heart health. There are two versions of this diet: a strict one, highly criticized because you cannot eat animal proteins; and a milder one, where you can eat them in moderation.

What you can eat when you follow this diet? For breakfast, you can eat two toasts with jam and a cup of milk, or orange juice with wholewheat cereals. For lunch, you can have a slice of wholewheat bread with a lot of vegetables, together with white meat, fish or egg white. Finally, for dinner you can eat wholewheat pasta or rice with vegetables. The diet provides two snack: you can have a fruit, a smoothie or a yogurt.

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