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The pearl necklace: a trendy chic jewel, all to be rediscovered

White pearl necklaces

Yesterday as today, the pearl necklace remains a chic bijoux with a timeless charm: even in this winter, worn in the right way is trendy.

Every time we see a white pearl necklace we may think of some old photos of our grandmother or of our mother, who still jealously preserve more than one model. Short, long, this model is also symbolically associated with Coco Chanel, and despite the years passing and every now and then we believe that not having a pearl necklace in our jewelry box is not a sacrilege, the truth is that its timeless charm continues to win over the weather. Colored or white, the pearl necklace returns to dictate the trend again this year, and the secret is all in the right clothing mix.

Pearl necklace: choker, long, short, the models to wear in winter 2021

The pearls that make up a pearl necklace are distinguished in real and cultured or synthetic, a detail that differentiates the value of the necklace and of course its price. If you have decided that since a pearl necklace is truly forever, you want to invest in this jewel that never gets old, then treat yourself to a cultured pearl necklace. Elegant, chic, in the classic white or multicolor variant , is the Biffi Milano collection.

– Classic is the Milena model in gold, which starts from 160 up to but whose collection can go up to 2000 euros, depending on how the Japanese Akoya, Tahitian and Australian pearls are valued: some models in fact in addition to being multicolor, they are also embellished with crystals, so that those looking for a more modern pearl necklace can choose a model that is a perfect match between tradition and trend.

Stroili pearl necklace
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– If, on the other hand, you don’t mind pearls but are looking for something less sophisticated, online of course you can really indulge yourself in choosing your favorites: in fact, the colored double-wrap ones are back in fashion, which you find in different shades on Amazon , or if you want to wear with more thrift pearls, Stroili also transforms them into chic pendants, like the Gabrielle necklace in white gold, to be worn as a precious point of light.

Chic and trendy: how to combine pearl bijoux on our outfits

How do you update a garment or a bijoux? Simply with a mix and match , which as the catwalks teach us is also the best way to give new light to a garment with a vintage flavor. So let’s forget sweaters, cardigans and turtlenecks, if not sheath dresses or suits, which would give us an ancient image of the pearl, but we choose to wear with bold looks . For example, did you know that pearls create a super glam effect on leather garments ? We love the combination of leather jacket or leatherette leggings to wear perhaps with a mini dress!

– The white or black shirt , perhaps even with a mandarin neckline , another classic in our wardrobe always goes beautifully with a pearl necklace, to be worn perhaps with a crop cardigan, a skirt and a pair of moccasins, for a decidedly preppy style chic or with a pair of palazzo pants for a sporty look. The secret therefore is to mix contrasts , so that even pearl necklaces can have a long life!

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