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The perfect make-up for the New Year’s Eve party!

The perfect make-up for the New Year's Eve party!

Highlighter, glitter and bright lipstick: these are the three must-have elements for your New Year’s Eve make-up. Let’s learn more about it!

Other than outfit and accessories, another thing you need to think about to look perfect at the New Year’s Eve party is the make-up! For this special night, it should be different than the normal and, above, all, glamorous! Longer lashes or your favorite lipstick are not enough: this is the right occasion to wear a make-up never seen before!

First of all, the make-up must last many hours, so do not forget to use quality products and apply various bases to keep it perfect. Now let’s find out everything about your NYE make-up!

Make-up for New Year’s Eve

The make-up for this special night definitely requires time and patience: there are many products you must use: above all, glitter, lipstick and highlighter.

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Let’s start with the face base: apply a moisturizing and illuminating creme. Then, foundation and concealer. In order for your face to shine and to make sure the make-up will last hours, apply some shiny face powder. Done that, let’st move on the eyes.

Your eyes must be the protagonists of your make-up. Start by applying an eye cream, then the glamour effect: choose an eyeshadow that matches your outfit and apply some white eyeshadow in the corner of the eye, to brighten it. Done that, apply glitter both above and on the outer corner of the eye. You can avoid black eyeliner pencil in this case, but if you want to a more intense look you can apply it.

Your lashes should be long and thick, in order to highlight your gaze and the glitter. Lipstick is fundamental in the New Year’s Eve make-up. Choose bright colors that match perfectly with the rest of your look!

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