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The pob is the new hairstyle for winter 2019!

The pob is the new hairstyle for winter 2019!

The new haircut trend for winter 2019 is the pob. It is ideal for the curly, fluffy and highlighted hair!

What is the pob? It is a haircut that gives a soft and fluttery look. It is ideal for people with wavy and curly hair. In addition, you can also ask your hairdresse to brighten your hair with highlights.

The length of this cut is strictly above the shoulders, and it will replace the long bob. Waves and curls should be done perfectly for a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Pob: 2019 hair will be curly and over the shoulders!

The term pob comes from the words posh and bob. It is a very feminine hairstyle, which rarely exceeds the length of the shoulders.

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This hairstyle follows the chin and gently brushes against the shoulders. The matching colours of this cut are pastel and cold shades. The toasted coconut color will be very fashionable: it is a sort of ash blonde with a silver touch. In addition, tyou can also add some sensual highlights.

Woman wearing this haircut are pure, light and heavenly. The cut can also be layered and customized to enhance facial features. It is a hairstyle to match with an everyday boho chic look.

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