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The prosecco nail polish is here!

The prosecco polish nail is here!

The last must have trend for beauty lovers is prosecco polish nail, to make amazing toasts!

There’s a news in the beauty world, something concerning our nails. We are talking about the prosecco nail polish! With this product, not only your hands will look amazing, but also you will want to have more and more toasts!

Summer is coming and it’s time to drink to it at happy hours and dinners on the beach. What is the best way to do it if not by following this amazing beauty trend? Let’s find out everything about this beauty news!

Food&Beauty: the prosecco nail polish is here!

As it’s name suggests, this product’s color reminds us of the famous drink. It’s a nice change, after having painted our nails in dark colors during winter. In fact, this color is brighter, it is a sort of milky beige, perfect in summer because it enhances our tan.

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The brand Opi launched this beauty news, calling the product “Be there in a Prosecco“. The color reminds us of a opaque cream, and it is available both as a normal nail polish or as a semipermanent type. Therefore, you have no choice: whatever kind of product you like for your nails, you can make your hands look beautiful!

However, this is not the only brand launching this news. For example, the company Faby sells a products for your nails called Prosecco. Instead, Groupon has a product for our nails that smells like this drink, but it is yellow. You can choose the brand you want to make your hands look fabulous!

This is not the first time that beauty products and food mix. Just think about Dunkin’ Donuts, which has launched its line of lip balms, or KitKat, which launched its own beauty palette!

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