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Social network are showing a new trend in terms of hair color: the Rapunzel balayage! Everything about it!

Social networks, and in particular Instagram, often launch new beauty and hairstyle trends. This is the case of the new super Instagram-friendly trend that is all the rage. What are we talking about? The Rapunzel  balayage, a must have hair color inspired by the cartoons!

This new shade was created by the neauty salon Bleach London. Let’s find out together what it is and why everyone loves it.

Rapunzel balayage: the new hair color trend for 2019!

This trend name comes from the Disney princess Rapunzel, the princess with fabulous hair. The color is made with the balayage technique, so it is shaded.

The Rapunzel balayage is the new hair color trend for 2019!
Photo source: https://www.instagram.com/constancerobbins/?hl=it

This hair color starts from a light base, on the tones of blonde, ash-blonde and caramel, and finishes, in pink, peach, passing through amber. The hair tips are super pink. You can also choose the Living Coral color, the shade chosen by Pantone for 2019 also for make-up and nail art.

Taking fully inspiration from the princess, the ideal haircut for this color is very long. In such way, you can show the nuances along the length. The perfect hairstyle is waves, which better show the reflections.

This is a very bold trend, which can also make you look really chic. It is ideal with a nude make-up, in order to give greater light to your face.

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