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The rice diet will help you lose weight quickly!

The rice diet will help you lose weight quickly!

The rice diet is perfect for quickly losing weight and cleansing the body. Let’s see together how it works and an example of its menu!

A quick and very simple diet you can follow is the rice diet. This cereal can be used in a lots of recipes and preparations, has many advantages and is perfect for gluten-intolerant people. It contains fibers, vitamins and minerals, is easy to digest and has few calories.

It was the German physician Walter Kempner, who created this rice diet. He was looking for a diet suitable for patients suffering grom diabetes, hypertension and obesity. Today, this diet is more and more popular: let’s see how it works and the allowed foods!

How the rice diet works

This food regime uses four fundamental rice properties: it satisfy your hunger, has few calories, stimulates diuresis and is rich in fiber. There are two different variants of the rice diet. One is structured in two phases and the other one in nine days. Let’s look at them, one at a time.

The white rice diet

If you are following the two phases rice diet, during the first phase, called detox, you eat only 800 calories a day. This period lasts two weeks top, during which you can only eat boiled rice seasoned with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, vegetables and fruit (but in moderation). In a few words, almost all of the calories come from rice.

dieta del riso

During this first, more restrictive stage, you tend to lose more weight. You will see your belly deflating and becoming flatter.

During the second phase, you eat approximately 1200 calories per day, adding vegetables, chicken, fish, low-fat cheeses, raw and cooked vegetables, fresh and dried fruit and other grains to rice. Therefore, it is a more varied period, where you can eat different foods. You can also alternate rice with different grains, such as quinoa or spelt.

In general, in both stages, it is important not to season food too much and to not overdo with salt: rather, use spices and aromatic herbs.

The 9 day rice diet

The nine day diet is certainly much shorter, because it only lasts twelve days (3 detox days at the beginning and then 9 days of pure diet). During the first three detox days, you are allowed to eat only rice and other dietary products based on rice, like crackers. In the following nine days, you can add lean proteins, like chicken and ricotta cheese, fruit and vegetables.

Even if you choose to follow this diet, you can alternate rice with other similar cereals.

The rice diet menu: what to eat

As we mentioned, after the detox phase, other than rice you can eat other products. Let’s see, therefore, what foods are allowed.

riso rosso fermentato

– vegetables.

– cereals and pseudocereals (millet, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth).

– legumes.

– low-fat cheeses.

– lean fish.

– chicken.

– olive oil.

Along with these foods, make sure to drink at least 1 liter and half of water a day! Other vegetal oils, butter and fats, various sugars, sweets, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages are forbidden.

Does the rice diet work?

Many people think that rice makes you gain weight, yet this diet promises short-time results. The question is legitimate: does this diet work? It is a low-calorie diet based on rice, a carbohydrate rich in vitamins and useful to detoxify our body. However, at the same time it is a high-protein diet: if followed for too long, it could strain the kidneys.

In short, like all extreme diets, the first thing to do is to make sure you can follow it: avoid it if you suffer from particular intolerances, if you are pregnant or if you suffer from certain diseases, such as low blood pressure or kidney problems. We recommend you to seea nutritionist before starting every diet.

In general, if thoroughly followed, this this diet can show good results. However, as it is based on just one food, you can quickly get tired of it, thus it could be easier to give up to treats.


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